Below are some pictures of an installation we supplied and fitted. The floors were all prepared with a self level screed before laying the flooring, to give a smooth level finish. The customer selected Amtico Signature, for the kitchen/dining she chose colour glint orb in a 12 x 12 tile with a 3mm stripping. She opted to have a square border feature with stripping at either side of it also. For the cloakroom (toilet) the customer chose the Amtico Signature with the kite laying pattern in colour Cumbrian slate. For the Bathroom and en-suite the customer chose Amtico Signature in a parquet effect colour cirus mist with a 3mm cirus air stripping. All three rooms look stunning, the customer has designed everything to her liking, from laying patterns, colours, borders to the the stripping, making it a bit more personal and unique.